The camp is superbly with small designed huts which you can tent inside and is part of 200-acre family-owned farm with a natural spring nearby which feeds into the lake. Sitting in a scattered forest of acacias on the edge of a spring, the camp is designed to blend in with the natural environment. Constructed almost entirely with wild palms and trees from the family’s property, each of Eyasi Datoga Campsite huts are built on a permanent wooden platform with a palm thatched roof, and an enclosed bathroom and shower with hot water, the big dining hall, good kitchen room, the huts are carefully created to be low-impact, spacious, and totally comfortable.

It is also home to the Wahadzabe, an ancient, nomadic tribe of bushmen who are one of the last click-speaking hunter-gatherer tribes left in Tanzania, Datoga the pastoralist tribe similar with maasai but with quiet different in total way of life and Blacksmith tribe, an ancient handcraft factory dealers. A melting pot of culture, Datoga campsite offers a different experience from what you’ll find on a traditional safari. What makes Datoga campsite truly special is the opportunity to visit with the local tribes mentioned above.