10 Days Datoga Tour

  • Day one :
    You will be guided to one of the women activity which is making different beautiful decorations, like necklace, leg laces, bracelets, drawings of tattoo around the eyes and making of small calabash flowered by beads which they use it as gift to their girls when they get married. 
  • Day two:
     Join men in making local security weapons like arrows and spears and playing chessboard game.
  • Day three:
    You will be engaged in one of women activity which is milking and fetching water in a big sandy river by using donkeys. 
  • Day four :
    You will be guided and join men in bush, trekking, experiencing and learning   about different kinds of trees which they use as medicine and alcohol at some times. 
  • Day five:
    Get engaged and interact in women activity, making the maize powder by grinding maize by using two soft stones and collecting firewood from the bush. 
  • Day six:
     You will be guided and engaged in men activity, making local alcohol by using mixture of honey bee and roots of aloe-vera inside the big calabash. 
  • Day seven:
     This day, you will join women activity; making of their different dresses using animal skin. 
  • Day eight :
    Join men activity which is making of the mark as logo to their animals. 
  • Day nine:
    Join men activity by taking cattle to the market for sell, and buying family stuffs likefood, clothes and shoes. 
  • Day ten:
     Experience the different games played by Datoga kids during the night around the big campfire after having a dinner.