8 Days Hadzabe Tour

  • Day one :
    We will guide you to the bush men hiding caves for you to know the place and understand the behavior of the bush people (hadzabe) 
  • Day two :
    You will be engaged with hadzabe in one of the men activities; making of the hadzabe dependant weapons like bows and arrows, hard stick for making fire, a big sharpening stick for digging roots and a kind of weapon for taking honey beer.
  •  Day three :
    You will be guided to interact with hadzabe  women activities; making of different beautiful decoration which made themselves by using plants and animal parts.
  •  Day four :
    You will be guided to participate in men activities which is hunting; you can join them on hunting twice per day, morning and evening time. 
  • Day five :
    You will be guided to join women activity; collecting of wild fruits and barriers 
  • Day six:
     You will be guided to join Bushmen in collecting honey; you can experience how they take honey without fearing bees. 
  • Day seven :
    This day you will be engaged in women and kid’s activity which is hunting of mouse and digging of roots by using sharpened stick, you can experience how they hunt mice underground too. 
  • Day eight :
    You will be guided to join men in bush trekking; you can get to experience and discover different species of trees used by hadzabe people as medicine or food at some times.